How Do I Edit My WordPress Site

Editing a WordPress site is much faster and easier than a raw coded HTML or PHP site. As WordPress is a CMS platform, you can manage almost everything of your website from the WordPress dashboard. Although different themes have different functionality on WordPress, the basic things on WordPress remain same. Also, you can add as

How to Install WordPress on your Server

  Installing WordPress can be a little complicated if you don’t have a clear idea of how WordPress works. So I would suggest reading my previous article on What is WordPress and How does it Work. First, you need to understand, WordPress is not a hosting solution. It’s a CMS(Content Management System) which has to

How to Change the Name of A URL in WordPress

If you are running a WordPress site, it’s very easy to change the name of a specific URL of your post or page. In a HTML coded website,  you may need to create a new page with new name and redirect the old page to the new one. It’s a complicated process. In WordPress, you

What is WordPress and How Does it Work

What is WordPress WordPress is a free open source content management system(CMS) which is used to build websites. This system is built in such way that you don’t need any knowledge about coding or programming. Users need a very basic knowledge about website layout to use WordPress. This CMS platform is regularly updated to give

How to Install a DLL File

  If you are not a computer geek and you don’t have many insights on computer operations, you must be wondering about some DLL errors. For resolving common DLL errors, you should know how to install a DLL file. What is a DLL file DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. They are the type of

Why is My CPU Usage So High

  If you are constantly facing the issue of high CPU usage, you must have some programs or viruses which are using up your processors and RAMs. High usage of CPU can hugely downgrade you computer’s or laptop’s performance. Possible Reasons for High CPU Usage If your hardware configuration is low and you are using

How to Change or Remove Pagefile.sys

Whether on a laptop or a desktop, if you are looking to free up some space on your SSD, it’s no wonder that you are looking to remove pagefile.sys. Although it’s not possible for you to detect the pagefile.sys with the normal folder settings. If you have located the file through some tools or any

How to Increase Internal Storage of Your Android Phone

If you have been using an android phone, you might well be asking yourself, why my android’s internal storage keeps reducing? It’s a very common issue as the android phone systems are built in a way that it will keep using your internal storage. Although with some basic things you can reduce the usage. These

How to Improve Your Computer Performance

As we use our computers for various purposes, it’s very likely that in certain situations it can really slow down and cause real trouble. So it’s no surprise that we are constantly looking for solutions to improve our computer performance. It doesn’t matter if your computer parts are regularly updated and have no issues,  the