How Do I Edit My WordPress Site

August 6, 2016

how do i edit wordpress site

Editing a WordPress site is much faster and easier than a raw coded HTML or PHP site. As WordPress is a CMS platform, you can manage almost everything of your website from the WordPress dashboard.

Although different themes have different functionality on WordPress, the basic things on WordPress remain same. Also, you can add as many plugins you want to add more features to your website. In this article, though I am  going to show you the common features on the WordPress dashboard and how to use them to edit your site.

If you have installed WordPress correctly go to the wp-login page. To read the manual on how to install WordPress, check my previous article. Wp-login page link should look like Put in your admin username and password. then you will be taken to a page like this.


If you look, there is a panel on the left side. That is the main navigation for WordPress dashboard. I will briefly  discuss the major things on the dashboard, which are most important regarding managing your site. I will go through the left panel and give you a brief description.

  1. Posts: The posts section helps you add or edit the blog posts on your website. From the menu, you can go to categories and tags to add or edit them as well.


  1. Media: Here you can upload images and videos to your server. But you have to add them inside a post or page from ‘add media’ button when adding a post or page.


  1. Pages: You can add new pages or edit old ones from this section.


  1. Comments: In the comments section, you can view and approve the comments you have received on your blogs.


  1. Appearance: This is a very important section when you edit your site. You can add new themes for your site from here. Also you can manage the sidebar and footer plugins and widgets. You can create and edit navigation bar from ‘menus’ section.


  1. Plugins: You can install new plugins from plugins section to enhance your site. You can also remove or edit old plugins.


  1. Users: WordPress assigns admin user by default when installed. Users section allows you to add more users. You can assign them to any role you want to. They can be a subscriber, moderator, editor or admin. You can also edit your profile from here. Your name, how it appears on your blog etc.


  1. Tools: Tools are normally used for importing or exporting scripts. If you want to import scripts from another CMS platform you can easily do it from here. Similarly, if you want to export your WordPress data to another platform, this section is the place to do it.


  1. Settings: In settings, you can control the most basic things of your website. Like the name of your site, time zone, language. Also the link structure, your blog structure, media settings, and many other things.


Those are the most basic things you need to know for a primary idea on how to edit your WordPress site. Although there are many advanced things which you will learn as you continue to use WordPress.



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