How to Change the Name of A URL in WordPress

August 2, 2016

How to Change the Name of A URL in WordPress

If you are running a WordPress site, it’s very easy to change the name of a specific URL of your post or page. In a HTML coded website,  you may need to create a new page with new name and redirect the old page to the new one. It’s a complicated process.

In WordPress, you just have to edit a specific URL to change it. Below I am going to show you how to do it step by step.

  1. If you are going to add a new post or page to your blog, go to ‘add new’ section beside ‘posts’ or ‘pages’ menu on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.


  1. Put on the title. After writing the title click on the big text box. This will create an automatic URL for your post or page which will appear just below the title. This is called ‘permalink’.


  1. Click on ‘edit’ on the right side of the permalink.


  1. Put your desired URL in the box and click ‘ok’. Remember you cannot put any spaces in URL. So, just use hyphens instead of spaces.


  1. After changing the URL when you finish writing your post or page, click on ‘publish’ on the right side to make your post or page live with your desired URL.



Follow the same procedure if you want to change the URL of an existing post. Just go to ‘All Posts’ or ‘All Pages’ from the left menu and click on ‘edit’ below the post or page you want to edit. After finishing click on ‘Publish’.

Before doing the above things you should also change the link structure of your WordPress blog. By default, WordPress shows a post’s link in ‘Day and Name’ structure.


You can go to Settings > Permalinks and select ‘Post Name’ as the custom URL. Don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’ after doing this. This helps search engines to identify the post more effectively.



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