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How to Increase Internal Storage of Your Android Phone

July 27, 2016

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If you have been using an android phone, you might well be asking yourself, why my android’s internal storage keeps reducing? It’s a very common issue as the android phone systems are built in a way that it will keep using your internal storage. Although with some basic things you can reduce the usage. These steps don’t need you to be an expert on android.

Why My Android’s Internal Storage keeps filling up

Before you try anything to clear up your internal storage, you should know the specific reasons. If you delete unknown files or folders without recognizing them, it may well brick your phone.
An android phone uses internal memory as the default storage for everything. So if you take photos or shoot videos your internal storage will keep filling up. Also installing new apps will increase the usage.
To know precisely what is eating up your android’s internal storage, go to the following section:
Settings > Storage > Internal Storage
This will show how much storage is left and what are actually using up space. This shows the exact space used by apps, images, videos, music and cached data.

Ways to Free Up Internal Storage of Your Android

1.    Move Images and Videos: By default, android keeps all new images and videos in the internal storage. You can manually copy them and paste them in your SD card. Or you can upload them to any cloud storage.
If you want to set the SD card as the default image and video storage, follow the below steps.

  •  Open your camera
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on storage
  • Select SD card as default storage

2.    Move Your Applications: As you keep downloading and installing apps your internal memory will keep filling up. By default android stores all the app data to internal storage. To move apps to the SD card follow the below steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Apps
  • Select the App you want to move
  • On the next screen select ‘Move to SD Card’

Remember, Moving your app to the SD card does not move all the data. Android will keep using the internal storage as cache and temporary file location.
Setting the default location for installing new apps as the SD may vary according to different android phones. The easiest way to do is by using an app called Link2SD. You can easily set the default install location as internal or external on the app’s settings screen. If you have a rooted phone, you use Link2SD to move all app data to the SD card. It’s a complicated process.
3.    Use Cleaning Apps: There are several cleaning apps which help to clear up storage. They usually clean up the dump files with caches and temporary files. Your android can get some additional free internal storage by using them. Among these apps Clean Master is most popular.
4.    Remove unnecessary apps:  When you go to your app screen you will see lots of applications listed. You should remove the one you never use. Some of these applications may be system apps. You will need root access to remove them.
5.    Clear browser history and cache: If you browse the internet from your android on a regular basis, you should clean your browser temporary files and history frequently. Browser caches can take up a lot of space if you browse heavy sites. To do this, simply go to browser settings and clear history and caches.

Rooting Your Phone : Advanced Method

If you have already rooted your phone, you can clear up the phone’s internal memory in a lot of ways. You can easily remove any unnecessary system files. Using Link2SD you can move all your app data to SD card which will give you a tremendous amount of free space on your internal storage. But as I said before these steps are critical and you must root you phone first. Apps like Clean Master performs a lot better cleaning when it’s given root access.
Finally, above all, you should avoid installing unnecessary apps. If you think an app is no longer needed just uninstall them. It’s always a good idea to backup  your files to an online storage so if anything happens to your phone you will not lose anything.


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