How to Change or Remove Pagefile.sys

July 28, 2016

remove pagefile.sys

Whether on a laptop or a desktop, if you are looking to free up some space on your SSD, it’s no wonder that you are looking to remove pagefile.sys. Although it’s not possible for you to detect the pagefile.sys with the normal folder settings. If you have located the file through some tools or any other way, we will discuss on how to locate pagefile.sys manually.

What is Pagefile.sys and How to Locate It

The simplest definition of pagefile.sys is virtual memory. Our computer usually uses random access memory which is known as RAM to store data. But sometimes the usage of RAM may become full and your system will need an alternative way to store data. That is where the paging file comes into play.
So basically pagefile.sys is used as the backup memory to be used when your computer’s RAM is at full capacity. By default, the page file is located on drive C: or the drive where your windows is installed. It’s a system file so it can’t be visible with normal settings. To manually locate pagefile.sys you need to follow certain steps.

  1. Go to settings > Control Panel > Folder Option


2. Go to view tab and scroll down. Untick ‘Hide protected operating system files (recommended)’


3. A box will appear with a confirmation message. Click ‘Yes’


4. Click ‘OK’



After doing this you can see the pagefile.sys on your local drive. although this method is not recommended, as it will display all the system files inside a drive. Moving or deleting them may cause the operating system to damage or crash. So please keep in mind the risk factors before following this.


How to Move Change or Delete Pagefile.sys

You cannot simply move or delete the pagefile.sys like other file types. It’s a system file. SO you must follow proper procedure or you may seriously damage your operating system. To do it the right way, implement the following steps carefully.

1.    Go to Settings > Control Panel > System
2.    Click on ‘Advanced System Settings’
3.    Go to ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘settings’ under ‘performance’ section
4.    Go to ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘change’ under ‘Virtual memory’ section
Here you will see the size and allocation of the paging files to your local drives. If you want to remove the pagefile.sys from a drive, simply click on the drive name and select ‘No paging file’. Click on ‘Set’.
The default setting should be ‘system managed size’. If you want to reduce the size of the pagefile.sys then click on ‘custom size’ and put your preferred numbers. Just remember, minimum size allowed is 16MB.
click on ‘set’ after your selection. Then click ‘ok’ to save your preferences. This process may need your computer to restart.


Finally, it’s best to keep the paging file at system managed settings. But still, if you are desperate to get some free space you should at least set another drive to be used for the paging file. When you completely remove pagefile.sys, it may well drop the performance of your system.


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