What is WordPress and How Does it Work

August 1, 2016

what is wordpress and how does it work

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system(CMS) which is used to build websites. This system is built in such way that you don’t need any knowledge about coding or programming. Users need a very basic knowledge about website layout to use WordPress. This CMS platform is regularly updated to give the users best experience.

This system was first released in 2003. With times developers have made it more efficient and search engine friendly.

How Does WordPress Work

WordPress is a combination of many functions and features. Below I pointed out the most basic things that make WordPress  so much user-friendly.


WordPress sites work with templates usually known as themes. These themes are developed by many individuals and companies. Based on the theme they provide it free or for a price. Theme development requires expertise in PhP coding and WordPress query.

WordPress is generally popular for blogging because it’s very easy to create and maintain your blog posts through WordPress. You can create and publish as many pages or posts from the WordPress control panel as you want. What a theme does is it represents the layout and presentation of your site. Depending on the theme your website can be a simple blog style layout or a very attractive commercial layout.


Another important part of WordPress is plugins. Plugins are ways to add more features and functions to your website. Different websites need different features. So WordPress made it  easy for the users to search and download their required plugins. Plugins are also developed by individuals or companies.

Depending on the plugin it can be free or paid. There are lots of free plugins which you can use to improve your website. Some plugins are provided with the template you buy or download for free.

Users Management:

One of the great features of WordPress is it’s user management system. When you install WordPress you get the admin privilege of your website’s admin panel which is the WordPress’s control panel. You can assign other users to get this access as well.

You can limit a new user’s role to a subscriber, author, editor or contributor. So that they have limited access to the WordPress control panel. It’s a great feature if you have a site with multiple authors.

Finally, after installing WordPress you can explore and find out many amazing features and tools which really helps to build a website to a level which you can never think of doing by yourself without a help of a developer. It helps you to control every bit of operation of your website.


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