Why is My CPU Usage So High

July 29, 2016

cou usage high


If you are constantly facing the issue of high CPU usage, you must have some programs or viruses which are using up your processors and RAMs. High usage of CPU can hugely downgrade you computer’s or laptop’s performance.

Possible Reasons for High CPU Usage

If your hardware configuration is low and you are using an old computer, an upgraded system and programs can slow your computer down. But if it is not the issue, let’s look at some possible reasons for why your CPU is at 100%.

  • Background programs or games
  • Viruses or malware
  • Copying files between drives
  • Installing any software

How to Reduce High CPU Usage

To get your CPU usage to a normal level you need to follow certain steps. First, you need to identify which program is actually causing the system to use up so much memory. Follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Open task manager. simply right click on the taskbar and select task manager. Or you can press ctrl+shift+esc.


  1. Click on CPU button to sort the list by CPU usage.


  1. Locate the program that is using the most of your CPU.


  1. Select the program or process you want to end and click on ‘end task’. This will instantly kill the process.


  1. If you see a system process in the list and are unsure of how to end this, simply go online and search for the process name to know the details of the process and how to solve the issue.


If any program keeps using up CPU whenever you start your computer or run the program you should take special actions. You can uninstall that particular program and reinstall it. You can also turn off the auto-launch on startup to prevent the program to launch on startup.

If you are still not satisfied with the results, you can run a full PC scan to find out any viruses or malware which may cause the high CPU usage.


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